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Elderly Home Care Services

Capercaillie Care specialises in keeping people safe and secure in their own homes for as long as possible, while also maintaining their independence and dignity. We provide peace of mind for your loved ones, by providing dependable and affordable care. Our care at home services are a great alternative to residential care.

We provide daytime care and night time care as well as home help services including cooking meals and a personal service which includes dressing, undressing, bathing, medicine management, companion care and rehabilitation.

We have a long-standing reputation for providing high quality home care services. In providing experienced staff who have all completed our robust recruitment procedure and induction training, our care is controlled by experienced managers using state of the art technology to provide an efficient, high quality and auditable service

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Person Centered Care








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Support Service:

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Housing Support Service

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Looking for employment in heathcare? Capercaillie Care can offer you guaranteed or flexible hours, great rates of pay, and access to free training and support for your career development.

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About Us

Do you need companionship and personal care at home?

Independence is something we can take for granted, but for many it’s something to be cherished. At Capercaillie Care we provide daily, around the clock care at home support enabling anyone who needs qualified care to maintain their independence for longer.

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Private Care

We offer a person centred approach to care-planning that allows us to tailor our services to suit your individual outcomes which allow us to deliver high levels of satisfaction to our service users


Your Smile is Our Biggest Rewards

Service User
Service User
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Family feel carers are overall helpful, knowledgeable, and dependable, office staff maintain contact and keep me up to date.
Service User
Service User
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Carers are attentive and meet my needs, carers all know what they are doing, and I like having a laugh and a joke with them.
Service User
Service User
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Carers are brilliant, and I feel I can trust them; however, I do struggle when its someone new, but the girls are marvellous and encourage my independence.
Care Worker
Care Worker
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I would like to increase my hours with Capercaillie and reduce with another company, as I feel we are listened to more and any issues we raise are dealt with quickly and effectively, I also feel we are kept more up to date with service user’s and any changes to their needs they may have.